Commercial FS9 Airport Scenery Review

Krakow Balice EPKK


Publisher: Drzewiecki Design
Description: Highly detailed and realistic FS9 representation of the airport of Krakow Balice (EPKK)
Software Source/Size: 462Mb
Flight Simulator: FS9
Reviewed by: Kevin Schütz
Published: January 29th, 2012







Computer / Software Specifications

Computer System: – Toshiba Satellite A100-159 Notebook
– Intel Centrino Duo T2500 @ 2.00GHz
– ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 (256 MB)
– Saitek X52 Pro
Software: – Windows XP 32-Bit (RAM: 4GB with XP using 3GB)
– Flight Simulator 9.1
Overall test time: – Ground testing: 12 hours
– Flight testing: 8 hours










Introduction and Installation

When I got the installer to review the scenery of Krakow, I was a bit excited. I remembered when we were in Krakow a few years ago. I was really impressed by the Wawel complex on the left side of the Vistula River, from where you could see the river crawling through the landscape. The historic centre of Krakow is always a pleasure to see. Due to this I was a bit excited to get the chance for this review. So, here we go.
The download of the 440MB installer just takes a few minutes (depending on your bandwidth allocation). As this scenery uses the well-known Aerosoft installers, the installation is quite simple. You only need to execute the installer, enter your registration details and then let the installer do it’s job. After the installation process has been completed, Krakow uses 914MB on your hard-drive.


Contents and manuals

This scenery includes the airport itself and the complete city of Krakow. The manual itself has 4 pages, but despite its size it doesnít let you stay in the dark. (If you have frame-rate problems, please refer to the manual where you will be told what to alter to get more fps.) In addition to the manual, there is a file which includes all the charts you need to fly to EPKK.


Scenery and Textures

The scenery itself is simply stunning. Drzewiecki Design really surprised me with this scenery. The buildings are accurately placed, the road traffic is just really nice (however it has some little problems. For example some buses are not driving straight forward near the Terminal).
In addition, I am asking myself if Drzewiecki Design had taken the right view of the traffic. My last holiday in Poland was horrible. Everyone drove like idiots like moving 500 meters in about 2 hours due to guys who made out of a one track roundabout a three track one and then the traffic jam was completed.). The reason to bring this forward is that the scenery includes as well, a lot of objects like trees/cars/people/… which gives the whole thing a lot of atmosphere.
The mesh itself is good. However in the city for example I get valleys which I can’t remember being there. Krakow has been modeled a bit as well. The Wawel complex is included and I really liked it and I recognized again, as well the place where I was standing a bit ago.
All in all, the entire scenery job has been done really, really good and the amount of detail is simply stunning. A visit to EPKK from DD is always worth a visit.

The textures in EPKK are just amazing. I never saw, until now, a designer putting that high detail into such an airport. Trees, buildings, airplanes, containers, marshallers, catering vehicles, everything just looks like if you were standing in front of it in real life. Only sometimes this quality wasn’t really there. For example the tower of the Wawel complex had a blurred texture. However I am not that hard on things.

This was the only “not so good” thing I saw. The rest is done as a large-scale job with good textures and you will always see new things on buildings, trees, cars,..



When I got the product to review, I first searched the web and then I saw the screenshots of the airport and I thought to myself that this will be a frame rate killer. After FS loaded it I was amazed again. First of all the scenery was excellent and when looking at the fps they showed in the Carenado C172N virtual cockpit 25 fps. Then I took my PMDG Boeing 747-400F out of the hangar and I got it into the air.

Then the frames dropped down to 13-14fps in the virtual cockpit, while I was over the runway and looking at the complete terminal, car and service area. I tried out the performance tips and disabled the big amount of cars and the fps went up again. As my system is not a high performance one, I am simply dazed about the amount of detail and the fps. In addition I have (nearly) all my settings set to the best.



I can only recommend for people to buy this state-of-art scenery from Drzewiecki Design, which indeed only costs 20€. With this scenery they did not only found a new group of customers, no, they set a big !
I just can say two words: you need to buy this!
This scenery is not only a little airfield in Poland, no this is one of the airports you need to have in your collection and I am really looking forward to Drzewiecki Design doing other airports with that amount of details and that performance.

With Greetings,
Kevin Schütz



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