On The Horizon … “Diamond Jubilee Class 67 Special” Released

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee with this special add-on for Train Simulator 2012. As people across the UK (and many people around the world) wave their flags and celebrate this momentous royal occasion, what could be better than being the driver of the royal train?
With accurate recreations of the ‘Royal Diamond’ and ‘Diamond Jubilee’ Class 67 locomotives and special Royal Claret Mk1 and Mk2 coaches, the Class 67 Diamond Jubilee Add-On puts you in the driving seat of the royal train on the Oxford-Paddington line.

Available to download from Steam, grab this Diamond Jubilee special on Thursday May 31st and be at the centre of the celebrations! Further information wil follow or have a look at the dedicated web page.

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  1. It should be pointed out that the picture there is of a user made add-on. RS haven’t released any images of the train yet to the best of my knowledge.

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