Real News | WestJet selects Bombardier Q400 NG

As Bombardier Aerospace’s technologically advanced Q400 NextGen airliner heads to Africa on another leg of its 2012 world tour, its journey is boosted by WestJet’s announcement earlier today, that the Q400 NextGen airliner has been selected to meet the airline’s business requirement for up to 45 turboprop aircraft to launch its regional airline.
“The Q400 NextGen aircraft was selected on its superior merit as the turboprop best suited for the growth-minded operations of WestJet.

As a productivity machine, the Q400 NextGen aircraft delivers 78 seats with ample cargo volume to meet the needs of WestJet and its guests. This versatile aircraft is efficient on short-haul missions or can use its speed to reach regional destinations further afield – making it competitive with jets on longer sectors.

With an unmatched balance of speed, comfort, cost efficiencies and highly regarded environmental qualities, the Q400 NextGen aircraft is a perfect fit for WestJet,” added Mr. Arcamone.
Read the whole story at Bombardier’s web page.

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