X-Plane.Org “Lockheed CF-104 Starfighter” Released

According to X-Plane.Org and confirmed by others, the most detailed commercial Starfighter simulation ever made.
This Lockheed CF-104 Starfighter is right now available for PC and Mac for X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10. Created using data from aircraft flight testing and performance manuals.

Some X-Plane 10 features are:
– AI CF-104s to buzz around the circuit and to fly in formation with
– New external sequencing formation lights
– Amazing new sound engine for external engine sounds
– Many texture and object improvements
– Radio setup window to map com frequencies to channel numbers and much more.

And the flight model includes:
– Boundary Layer Control (BLC) Flaps
– Engine Plugin code to provide accurate supersonic acceleration and cruise performance
– Flight Model enhancement plugin code to provide accurate turn performance
– Plugin modelling of pitch-up due to high Angles of Attack and roll off tendency when throttle is cut with flaps extended

Read all about the X-Plane Starfighter at X-Plane.Org.

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