GEFS … Another Flight Simulator?

Let’s highlight this Flight Simulator once more. GEFS is a free, online flight simulator based on Google Earth. Whether you are a licensed pilot practicing VFR, an aviation enthusiast or just looking for some fun flying a plane, you can enjoy GEFS directly from your web browser.
Let’s give you some highlights … it’s built on Google Earth: worldwide photo-realistic sceneries, it offers simulate fixed wing aircraft, helicopter and hot air balloon, and it supports joystick control.

Furthermore, GEFS offers a realistic flight model (lifting-line theory), it offers real-time weather, dynamic wind lift, and it’s a multiplayer game or simulator: fly and chat with other pilots across the globe and finally, it has over 30,000 runways and global airspace map.

And there’s much more to explore. Curious what this GEFS is? Have al ooh at the dedicated Google FS website.


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