Review | Aerosoft’s Bronco X and a little ….

Review | Aerosoft’s Bronco X and a little ….

Mar 31, 2012

Aerosoft Sim News Staff Reviewer Julio Monsalve climbs into Aerosoft’s Bronco X (FSX and Prepar3D) and performs several ground – and test flights in and around Orbx FTX New Zealand, near Canterbury’s airport. According to Julio “What I like about the Bronco is that it can be as challenging as you want it to be. By pressing shift-3, you will be able to reach the Bronco’s “Engineer Station”.

Furthermore, Julio writes “If you want to use the complete procedure, you can use the Interactive Check List gauge, which is just great. It offers you the possibility of playing the sound of each item. So every time you click you will hear “Power Level Flight Idle…. Checked! ” What a great feature!

I enjoy it! It is a truly interactive tool.” But remember, if it looks fast, then it will go fast, if it looks nice, then it will fly nice, but if it looks like the Bronco, then it will fly like a BroncoX!

The Bronco, an untrained horse! Just what you need!
Read his complete Bronco experience by using this review link. and afterwards, visit Aerosoft’s dedicated eShop web page.

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