Feedback “X-Plane Developers Conference” Mallorca

Oops, almost forgotten … the recent held Aerosoft X-Plane Dev Conference at Mallorca. There’s a nice Aerosoft forum posting about this event with some background information, but not too much … TOP SECRET!
Last weekend Aerosoft organized a developers conference on Mallorca. The main goal was to show our FSX developers what the options, advantages and possible problems in X-Plane 10 are.

Of course we invited Austin Meyers and Ben Supnik, they are the brains behind all the things 3r parties can add to X-Plane. We believe the conference was a great success. There were very informative lectures, frank and open discussions and we think Austin and Ben got a good idea what our developers are important issues that need to be looked at. For sure the result of the meeting will be a few exciting X-Plane 10 products.

Read all the Forum replies, see all the other photo’s and I can tell you , more interesting information regarding this event will come soon to ASN.

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