Real News | Eurofighter Typhoon and the Moon

Building one of the most advanced jet fighters in the world is a challenge for any aerospace company – but the one thing you might think you don’t have to worry about when you start such a job is the pull of the moon.
But that is exactly the challenge faced by workers at BAE Systems on the Lancashire coast every time the Typhoon build process begins – because the moon’s gravitational pull actually causes the ground to move beneath their feet.

So fine are the tolerances now used to build the Typhoon that even the movements of the tide could throw the jet fighter tolerances out.

Martin Topping, Head of Typhoon Maintenance and Upgrade explains: “Every time the moon pulls the tide in and out, the ground under our feet actually moves by between one and two millimeters. That might not sound a lot, but given the tolerances we are working to on Typhoon; 2 millimetres is 2 millimetres too much.”

Read the whole Typhoon and the Moon story at BAE Systems dedicated web page. (Source BAE Systems)

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