WnB Pro for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Always wanted a Weight and Balance App on your iPod, iPhone or iPad?
Now you can with the app from Angell Development LLC.
WnB Pro has been built from the ground up to quickly and accurately provide weight and balance calculations for nearly any general aviation aircraft. It was designed by a pilot that was not satisfied with the applications on the market.

Useful for student pilots, seasoned pilots, and aviation enthusiasts. Over twenty of the most common aircraft have been pre-configured as templates. You can easily configure a custom aircraft of your choice by entering the points on the weight and balance envelope and the aircraft’s stations.

You can configure as many aircraft as you’d like. Custom aircraft can be shared with other people or iOS devices.
Setup the aircraft for your flying club and easily share it with all the members!

And there’s much more to tell you about this App.
Read all the ins and outs at the iTunes Store or have a look at the developers website.

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  1. steve mowery /

    I just purchased this for my iPad. I have a Cessna 210 and need help setting it up. Instructions somewhere? Thank you


    • Angelique /

      Hi Steve,

      The best is to contact the vendor. They should be able to help you out.

  2. steve /

    cannot get the tutorial to work

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