X-Plane.Org updated Falcon F-16C for X-Plane 10

X-Plane.Org and JCS are proud to announce that their Falcon F-16C has been updated to fully support X-Plane 10.
According to JCS “No changes were made to the version 9 of the aircraft”, and “current customers have full access to the updated package”.

Here’s an extraction of some of the changes to the v10 version of the F-16C they made:
– Adjustment of location of cockpit and tanks
– Flight model changes to be more realistic
– Changes in wings angle of attack
– More reactive aircraft at low and medium altitude
– New functions: Generator, Fuel off
– Flames effect during post combustion

Want to know all about the JCS Falcon update?
Check it all at the X-Plane.Org dedicated Falcon website or surf to the dedicated forum.

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  1. Dale Stevenson /

    I purchased the F-16 agressor about 4 years ago for x-plane 9. It flew fine in the first version of X-plane 10. Now, with the newer releases, the flaps are permanently down, even in full flight. I haven’t been able to land it because it drops from the sky like a stone when it gets down to landing speed. Is there an updated version that I can download. From reading the forums, it seems I am not the only person to experience this. Where is the download link for an updated version? There doesn’t seem to be one on this page and yet this would appear to be the download page for it!


  2. Angelique /

    Hi Dale,

    It’s better to contact X-Plane.Ortg support for this. They can offer you the answers and links you need.

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