Aussie’s “Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco X” NASA repaints

Aussie is proud to present two fresh repaints of Aerosoft’s Bronco X aircraft.
This posting reverts to two separate paintings. One folder represents one of the aircraft formerly operated by NASA, N524NA, which has been based at Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA since Sept. 3, 1991.

This aircraft is formerly USAF serial 67-14687 and was last assigned to the 507th Tactical Air Control Wing at Shaw AFB. The 2nd painting with registration N636NA, as also with the NASA. This aircraft was the first production Bronco, BuNo 155390, and formerly participated in acoustic research. It now sits at NASA Langley as a spare parts airframe to help keep N524NA flying.

Download instructions for the N524NA are found here and for the 2nd NASA N524NA, you can grab the download software from this link.
When you like the paintings, but don’t own the Bronco X from Aerosoft? Have a look at the dedicated Aerosoft eStore.

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