Orbx FTX EU Ireland Released

Orbx FTX EU Ireland Released

Dec 14, 2013

Orbx is proud to announce the release of FTX EU Ireland.

FTX EU IRL has taken a team of developers over five months to produce. It is the Fifth region in our European series as we continue to recreate magnificent places to fly.Ireland is an island to the north-west of continental Europe and is the third-largest island in Europe.

To its east is the island of Great Britain, from which it is separated by the Irish Sea. FTX EU IRL includes a range of custom-built landscapes including farmland, plains and rolling hills to recreate the luscious green terrain that Ireland is known for.

Assortments of urban landscapes are included, exemplifying the variation found between urban areas. The landclass textures are drawn from aerial and satellite photography of Ireland and hand placed so as to accurately render the visual environment.

The region pack models most of the aeronautical hazards, obstacles and cultural features mapped in the VFR charts for Ireland.

Over 30 registered airfields have been enhanced to closely match their real-world counterparts.

Many of the countries’ famous landmarks have been custom modeled and accurately hand placed inside the simulator. A must have addition to FTX Northern Ireland!

The scenery package comes with the following features:
– Perfect addition to the EU series!
– Hand-placed landclass covers every sq km
– Numerous polygon landclass areas
– Accurate roads, railway, rivers, lakes
– Brand new ground textures
– Custom autogen textures and objects
– Over 70,000 sq km of scenery
– Over 30 airports upgraded

For more information check it out at the dedicated Orbx web page.

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