Aerosoft “Seychelles X” Released

Aerosoft “Seychelles X” Released

Nov 22, 2013

Aerosoft is proud to announce the release of the Seychelles X.

Seychelles X contains the whole Seychelles, all islands, airports and other important features, as well as AI aircraft (with custom models and schedules), AI ship traffic, animals, special objects like ship wrecks or holiday resorts, but also free flight scenarios and a geocache mission.

Don`t expect too much from the small airfields. Few offer solid runways, and even those can have bumps and dents here and there.

Fuel and maintenance is rare on those islands, some feature not much more than a windsock and a small shack to shelter waiting passengers.

Takeoff and landing is difficult due to cross-winds, short runways and lots of animals on the ground as well as in the air.

Additionally to the airfields, there are a few more landing places like helipads or ships in the area – though we would not advise you to land on one of the US aircraft carriers that can sometimes be seen around…

Some of the scenery features are:
– Complex scenery including the whole Seychelles
– All islands and airports included
– Detailed scenery of Mahe International Airport (FSIA)
– Detailed scenery of Praslin Airport and 14 more airfields
– Photorealistic ground and water textures
– Custom autogen models and buildings
– and much more.

Check it out at the dedicated Aerosoft eShop web page.

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  1. Angrie Angie /

    So are they proud of it or not? The first half of the description seems to be bashing it.

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