iFly 737 CDU for Android

iFly 737 CDU for Android

Feb 14, 2013

While surfing at the iFly forum, we found for you this 737 CDU Android App for the iFly 737.

Before installing check the following requirements:
– Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/FSX
– iFly 737NG with Future Pack 3.1
FMC server
– WIFI network connection
– Android device has to be on same subnet as PC running FS

You prefer to try before you buy? Check out this trial version first.

More information about this Android App can be found at CDU 2Sheep.

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  1. James Dowgialo /

    Program won’t launch. Message says “missing MSVCP100.dll

    Would you please provide instructions for installation?



  2. James Dowgialo /

    Maybe this is a double post, but Thank you again Angelique. Worked perfectly and now purchased.

    Jim D.

  3. James Dowgialo /

    New issue. After launching the CDU the first time and seeing it work, I can’t get it to launch again. I tried entering the IP address, but the screen shows
    “Searching for FMC EXE
    Wait or enter IP”. Nothing happens. Why will it not launch again? Help is appreciated as much as the first help you gave.


  4. James Dowgialo /

    I found the problem. My tablet was connected to my phone’s hotspot and not to the WIFI through the computer. all is well.


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