OMSI Brighton & Hove NL202 Repaint

Hello OMSI be-lovers. ASN brings you today another Aussie OMSI NL202 repaint.
This time is a wonderful painting of the Brighton & Hove line.
The repaint package consist, as usual, of two main texture packs: one high resolution and one low (standard) resolution. If you’ve had problems running the NL202 in the past (eg. if it’s sluggish and laggy) then I recommend you install the low resolution option, which is optimised for slower/older computers.

It comes with the following features:
– Detailed repaint utilising up to 15 modified texture files,
– Main textures provided in high and low resolution,
– Alternative IBIS and change machines in cab (optional),
– Red or black ‘OMSI Ticket’ machine in cab (optional) etc. ….

And much more features. Curious? You want to know what’s more? Have a look at this dedicated Aussie link.

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