Review | A380 KSFO

Review | A380 KSFO

Jan 20, 2013

Staff reviewer Adrian Adrian goes big, goes DLH Airbus A380-800.

He decides to joint the flight crew on one of the regular Lufthansa Intercontinental flights to San Francisco.

According to Adrian ” Well, this DVD covering the flights and the background information was one of the best cockpit documentaries I’ve ever seen.”

“They didn’t just record what happens on the flight deck, but informed us about the important details.”

Want to know more about this Airbus A380? Just follow this review link.

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  1. Josè Román /

    Material spanish please… if posible.

  2. Leo Simons /

    i am 80yrs retired since 1988. Enjoying Juergen and his 380 ever so often. Thanks.
    Good Luck.

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