AoA “The Ultimate 737 FlightWork”

AoA “The Ultimate 737 FlightWork”

Jan 10, 2013

AoA (Angle of Attack) os proud to offer the Ultimate 737 FlightWork preview movie for free.

According to Chris Palmer from AoA “This is for you 737NGX drivers out there that haven’t quite jumped on the band-wagon yet and joined our in depth training for this aircraft.”

“Admittedly, we don’t do a great job sharing with you just how in depth our training is. Today, I want to give you a deep look at just how detailed our training is.”

There are nine flights altogether, but this flight is our inaugural journey and goes from London Gatwick to Rotterdam.

For more information visit the dedicated AoA web page.

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  1. Julio Thomaz /

    For sure, Angle of Attack was my best investment last year, and make me happy with news every day!


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