Exterminate! Exterminate!

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Jul 26, 2012

Here’s another interesting article from X-Plane developer Ben Supnik with this weeks edition named “Exterminate! Exterminate!”.

If you have not read the news, OpenStreetMap will be removing their non-license-compatible roads this week.  I stopped following the debate on this years ago, but basically they changed open licenses and have had to drop contributions that could not be re-licensed from the original authors.  My understanding is that the amount of data that will have to be nuked will be very small. If you have already contributed to OSM even remotely recently, you probably agreed to the new license terms and your data is fine.

My thought: after the redaction is finished would be a great time to check your home town and help put back any lost roads, etc. Propsman sent me this rather zen bit of OSM the other day… Seriously though, one of the major data quality problems with X-Plane is people creating train platform and building footprints out of actual train tracks.  If you are working on an area, please check the tagging of stations and platforms to make sure they’re not actually railways! I do not have a schedule or plan for recutting from new OSM data – it’s an aspiration right now but there’s a lot on the short list we have to deal with first (like 10.10). (Source X-Plane Developer Blog).

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