iPad/iPhone Aviation W&B Calculator

iPad/iPhone Aviation W&B Calculator

Jul 22, 2012

Oops, there’s another General Aviation Weight & Balance calculator for Apple’s iPad and iPhone/iPod, but believe me, this is a special one. Aviation W&B Calculator is designed by pilots for pilots in the General Aviation world. Our main goal is to provide you a quick and professional way to calculate your aircraft Weight and Balance with a fully customized interface. Ok, it’s not a free app, but it support many GA aircraft types. It almost looks like the list is endless.

For more information about this App, visit the dedicated web page or surf directly toy Apples iTunes store.

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  1. John /

    I use this app to calculate the weight and balance for the 172 and the 182, it’s great! I think it mainly for real life pilots, but it works for FSX big time and shows that FSX is as real as it gets :)

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