PMDG PrePar3D and X-Plane updated information

Sounds promising, but Robert Randazzo from PMDG makes certain points very clear on the AVSIM forum.
Let’s highlight some of his AVSIM message.
PMDG versus X-Plane 10.
As I (Robert Randazzo) mentioned in a previous post, we see PMDG developing on multiple platforms in the future. There are a number of business arguments for why this is a good idea- and it has been part of our long term strategic plan for about the past 18 months. As we transition between the NGX and the 777, we have decided that now is a good time to begin the process of developing our first project for the XPlane series.

I have seen/read a bunch of hyperbole on this topic of late- so I wanted to make very clear that yes, PMDG is going to develop a product for Xplane10. For more information about his X-Plane thoughts, simple follow this link.

But what about PMDG versus PrePar3D?
You can read the whole story right here, but one of his words are “From PMDG’s perspective, Prepar3d is not going to be a platform into which we push our retail product line.
There will never be a consumer version of P3D, and as such it is not reasonable or feasible for us to expect the major market to exist on P3D beyond a small set of folks who don’t mind the niche nature and the price tag.” and “I realize this will disappoint some folks- but the hard reality is that we live in a world where lawyers look for any scapegoat they can find when an airplane has an incident.”

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